Monday, 1 October 2007

Hairspray Marketing

Today I’ve had a colourful card through the post from the lovely people at See Tickets advertising the forthcoming production of Hairspray at the Shaftesbury Theatre. The eye catching package introduces some of the principal cast and includes a sampler CD containing 3 songs (sung by the Broadway cast). The fourth track is a chat between Mel Smith and Michael Ball (Playing Mr and Mrs Turnblad respectively), which is an almost cringe inducingly matey conversation, actually saying nearly nothing about the show itself. Still, they seem like nice chaps.

The best thing though was a very nice little voucher attached to the card allowing me to claim two glasses of complimentary champagne when I attend a performance of the show. This is shall happily do, however I’m going on my own and sitting in a £20 seat, so the retail alcohol value of this gift might rival my seat price (though the world ‘champagne’ is one of the misused in the alcoholic lexicon).

Is all this a sign that the advance booking for Hairspray is not doing all that well? I usually get this type of thing months before the show opens, Hairspray previews start in mid October (though the delay could be Royal Mail related).

On other offer related news, I’ve had a £25 offer for All About My Mother at the Old Vic. Is the Old Vic just an (almost) impossible theatre to fill for a three month run?

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